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Horizon Surfing

   Framing You...
A Personal Photo Shoot

Framing You...
from 250.00

Been thinking of getting one of my images for your wall? Well why not go one step further and have the one hanging in your home be of you!? Yes! thats right, I’ll do a personal photo shoot with you at dawn, producing a one off image with you in it, then blow it up to the size you want, framed and delivered.

It will be a great talking piece when people come over!



Tim Elwin, a Sydney-based photographer mostly floating out at sea whilst the sun pops its head over the horizon, either with his camera, wishing he had his surfboard, or with his surfboard, wishing I had my camera.

Thankful to be alive after a horrific motorcycle accident in 2018, which left, among other injuries, a severely deformed left leg. Tim’s connection with the water pushed him through rehabilitation to get him back on his feet and back into the water doing what he loves best, shooting the sunrise and those people who brave the often cold and windy waters at dawn to start their day in the most vigorous of ways!

His accident causing him to spend months in hospitals and wheelchairs drove him (excuse the pun) to set up a social initiative called β€œPrint For Print” which matches every sales from this website to with a donation of fine art photography to the Royal North Shore Hospital. He has a goal to fill every room with calming yet inspirational art, please support this initiative.